Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is NIA-MARIIS Head Office located? 

                  Minante I, Cauayan City, Isabela

2. Who is the current Deparment Manager of NIA-MARIIS?

                  Engr. Gileu Michael O. Dimoloy

3. How can I contact NIA-MARIIS Head Office and other Division Offices?

                  NIA-MARIIS Head Office Tele-Fax No. (078)303-0288

                  NIA-MARIIS Division I Tele-Fax No. (078) 662-1789

                  NIA-MARIIS Division II Tele-Fax No. (078) 323-0701

                  NIA-MARIIS Division III Tele-Fax No. (078) 664-6709

                  NIA-MARIIS Division IV Tele-Fax No. (078) 307-0276

                  NIA-MARIIS Division DRD Tele-Fax No. (078) 305-0129

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4. Where can I get News regarding the NIA-MARIIS?

                  All news releases are compiled and can be viewed by clicking here

5. Who are the current officials of NIA-MARIIS?

                  You can view all the current of officials in the NIA-MARIIS Organizational Chart.