MARIS Dam is among the major facilities of the Magat River Integrated Irrigation System. It plays a very important role in irrigation delivery including flood control. Hence, it is very crucial to keep it well maintained.

To ensure the same, the maintenance of major facilities is regularly programmed by MARIIS Management under the leadership of its Acting Department Manager Gileu Michael O. Dimoloy and the Dam and Reservoir Division with Engr. Carlo Ablan on its helm.

Taking advantage of the dry season and the irrigation service delivery cut-off of MARIIS, the Annual Preventive Maintenance for MARIS Dam was programmed. It was conducted from March 25 to April 3. 2022. Considering the tight schedule for the activity, the Electro-Mechanical Section (EMS) with Engr. Erwin Remocal as its Section Chief, under the Dam and Reservoir Division, immediately dispatched EMS personnel for the activity.

Having finished the Annual Preventive Maintenance a day earlier than scheduled, the MARIS Dam is now again in its best operational condition possible. The main rollers, skin plate and other parts of the Sluiceway gate has been reconditioned, its guide rails and frames have been painted, its damaged lifting rod clamp repaired, and rusted portions power brushed and painted, among others.

All set for the next cropping season!

(Data and Photo from MARIIS Dam and Reservoir Division)


Wednesday, April 6, 2022