Though the National Irrigation Administration-Magat River Integrated Irrigation System (NIA-MARIIS) aims to provide the irrigation requirement of its Firmed-up Service Area of  86,814 hectares, the topography of certain areas limits the reach of irrigation water. With this scenario, farmers may either use water pumps or simply depend on the rain for irrigation. 


Considering the impact of climate change in farming and to minimize dependence of farmers in fuel-driven water pumps, NIA-MARIIS Management headed by its Acting Department Manager Gileu Michael O. Dimoloy and the different Division Managers continues to submit to NIA-Central Office their proposals for the construction of solar-powered pump irrigation project within MARIIS area.


At present, MARIIS has two (2) operational solar-pump irrigation within the service area of MARIIS Division III catering to 51 farmers and providing irrigation for 52 hectares. To service additional areas, MARIIS has four (4) on-going solar-powered pump irrigation projects located in the municipalities of Gamu, Quirino and Burgos, all in Isabela Province. The on-going project will provide irrigation for at least 58 hectares of agricultural land.


With the adaptation and implementation of green-engineering like the solar-powered irrigation project, the Agency is true to its commitment to increase farmers income, as farmers have reduced expense in production, as well as the Agency contributing to the environmental well-being.



Wednesday, May 25, 2022