MARIIS Supreme Court Justice Bernardo P. Pardo penned: “The most important product of watershed is water, which is one of the most important human necessities. The protection of watershed ensures an adequate supply of water for future generations and the control of flashfloods that not only damage property but also cause loss of lives. That protection of watershed is an ‘intergenerational responsibility that needs to be answered now’.”

Said statement is very relevant in the simultaneous tree planting activity of the National Irrigation Administration, which was attended by NIA-MARIIS with other NIA Offices nationwide. It is indeed an intergenerational responsibility, as able-bodied employees of MARIIS regardless of age trooped to the Magat Dam Watershed on June 25, 2021 to plant different kinds of trees and bamboo.

NIA-MARIIS Management headed by its Acting Department Manager Engr. Josue A. Sabio adhered to the health and social IATF Protocol by limiting the number of participants for this year’s Tree Planting Activity. Though the participants were limited to MARIIS Division Managers, Section/Unit Heads, and newly hired employees/staff due to the pandemic, NIA-MARIIS was able to plant 2 hectares of its watershed during the simultaneous Tree Planting.

Almost 150 employees of NIA MARIIS from its Head Office and Division Offices with participation of representatives from the Federation of Irrigators Association in Divisions (FIAD) were able to plant 420 bamboos and 420 trees of guyabano and santol.

It was a very exciting and refreshing day for all those who attended. It is a day of communing with nature after the long months of limited movement and travel restrictions. The said activity had also raised the awareness of the participants, especially the new employees, of the importance of the watershed to the irrigation service of the Agency.

Friday, June 25, 2021