The NIA-MARIIS Management headed by its Acting Division Manager Engr. Josue A. Sabio and its Division Office Managers and staff acknowledge the important partnership of NIA and the farmers in the attainment of Agency’s Mission.

Though NIA is committed to provide efficient, effective and sustainable irrigation services aimed towards the highest satisfaction of Filipino farmers, it is the farmers themselves who can provide feedback if the services delivered is satisfactory.

To further improve service delivery, open communication between parties is encouraged. Though there still exist the COVID-19 pandemic, interaction with Farmers should not be sacrificed. Adopting the health protocols of IATF, NIA-MARIIS Division III conducted its Review and Planning Workshop for Irrigators Association, this 1st day of July, 2021 at the NIA-MARIIS Division III Training Center.

Engr. Isagani R. Concepcion, Acting Division Manager of NIA-MARIIS Division III and the Council of Irrigators Association (CIA) Officers agreed for the conduct of RPW. Both parties believing that this is perfect venue for CIAs to present its accomplishments as well as informing the Office of whatever assistance the Association needs to improve production of its members, while the Division Office will discuss with the Association what are the Agency’s plans and programs for agricultural productivity.

NIA-MARIIS Division III assured the participants that with the support of the Association, the Office is continuously formulating strategies to meet the needs of the farming community aside from providing applicable training and livelihood programs, to ensure the satisfaction and sustenance of Association.

The active and dynamic partnership between NIA-MARIIS Division III and its Council of Irrigators Association results to numerous accomplishments of both parties. These accomplishments are tangible proof that an efficient partnership of NIA and its farmer-clients improves agricultural productivity leading to an increase of farmers’ income.  

The 2 batches (morning and afternoon) of this RPW was facilitated by NIA-MARIIS Division III Institutional and Development Unit (IDU), as part of its commitment to the Division’s Commitment Performance Review (DPCR).

Thursday, July 1, 2021