Do you know that there is a so-called Earth Day? It is not synonymous with Earth Hour. However, both are worldwide events relative to the environment: Earth Day is to demonstrate support for environmental protection, while Earth Hour aims to create awareness of people taking responsibility towards a sustainable future by turning the lights off.

The National Irrigation Administration-Magat River Integrated Irrigation System (NIA-MARIIS) actively performs its share in environmental protection, like energy conservation, tree-planting and clean-up drives, to name a few.

Just recently (April 26, 2019), a clean-up drive was undertaken by NIA-MARIIS Head Office and NIA-MARIIS Division IV at NIA-MARIIS Compound. Spearheaded by NIA-MARIIS Department Manager A Engr. Wilfredo C. Gloria, various Division and Section/Unit Heads and all employees of both offices, went out of their offices, armed with grass cutters, brooms, bolo, and other cleaning materials to their designated cleaning areas. It was a community effort in trimming tall grasses, removing dried branches and sweeping dried leaves along pathways, water ways and under trees and plants.

It maybe an exhausting activity, doubled by the heat of summer, but with the sumptuous community lunch served ala boodle fight by NIA-MARIIS Administrative and Finance Division headed by its Acting Division Manager Pilar G. Cabauatan and with the camaraderie and unity of NIA-MARIIS Head Office and NIA-MARIIS Division IV Management and Staff, tired bones and muscles were soothed.

Friday, April 26, 2019